Al Munroe’s Magical Miscellany (E-Book) by Al Munroe




** The file was updated on 7/30/16 and now includes a version of the transcription that has been professionally laid out. **

Extremely rare and difficult to acquire, the Magical Miscellany was printed by Al Munroe, a wily old Detroit newspaperman. He had been around magic and magicians for many years and started divulging his trove of fascinating information in its pages.

Almost 600 pages of fascinating stories on a variety of topics including: Harry Kellar’s beard, T. Nelson Downs, waffles, The Wrestling Cheese, the intriguing story of the sailor and the baboon, Herrmann, Frikell, Eugene Laurant, Silent Mora, Dr. Elliott, and much more…including some of Al Munroe’s favorite recipes!

This downloadable version of the Miscellany is the best way to learn these fascinating treasures of magic knowledge. Even with our full color scans of all 61 issues, the Miscellany was printed in a way that is almost impossible to read. However, a painstaking transcription of each issue was done by none other than our master in residence, David Roth. This transcription is included with your purchase.

Additionally, we are in the process of laying out the transcription to make it look more like the magazine. When it comes out, this new version will be yours…free! It will automatically be added to your account, and we will alert you via email when it is available.

As a bonus, we also include an additional download of over 70 variant issues*. Due to the nature of the printing process, Al Munroe would have to remake an issue in order to print more, and he often made changes. Never before has a more complete collection of these issues been compiled!

*The variant issues are not transcribed.