Alex Pandrea – The Gypsy Lecture ( 6+ Hours)






What Is The Gypsy Lecture?

If you missed The Magic Course, this is the perfect opportunity to learn LIVE with me! You will learn over 20 sleights, 5 effects, 3 full routines, and my magic theory I’ve developed over many years performing magic. The event is scheduled to be 4 hours in length.

I am taking my lecture tour LIVE ONLINE! Over the past 6 years I’ve lectured in over 120 cities around the world. With a 2020 world tour planned, I was excited to come to a city near you. Unfortunately 2020 happened and now we must adapt! With the massive success of my magic course, a first of its kind, I have decided to put together THIS live lecture seminar where everyone around the world can take part. This is a ONE-TIME online event teaching you my magic and performance techniques I’ve created over all these years. It’s goal is simple : to make YOU a better magician – to THINK about magic at a higher level and to take sleights and effects you may already know and make them as POWERFUL as possible. I spent the last month structuring the lecture with only the strongest material in mind – a combination of what I teach in my in-person lectures and The Magic Course. I know many missed The Magic Course and still want to take in something special. Not only will we take you through the sleights and effects that I perform, but I will break down everything we learn so you understand why it works, what makes it strong, and how to successfully perform them for maximum impact. Most importantly, I will teach you my theory behind magic and how we can think of our performances at a higher level. In the BONUS FOURTH HOUR I will answer your questions you might have about anything taught in the lecture, or anything else in general that you might be struggling with.

Who Is This Lecture For?

Simple – everyone and anyone who is serious about their magic. I created this course for the magicians out there who want to take their magic to the next level. EVERYONE will find something that they will be able to perform in this seminar. More importantly, EVERYONE will take away much more than just the sleights and effects taught. They will take away the ability to create confident and powerful performances for your audience – and learn how to take the performances you already may be doing – but truly take them to the next level. I created this lecture for those who see the potential in what they do and understand the power we all hold as magicians. For those who want to change lives with their magic. For those who want their card magic to be more than just “tricks” – to create meaningful connections with the audience, powerful performances, and never be forgotten.

How Does It Work?

This is a 4 HOUR LIVE ONLINE EVENT that will take place on ZOOM (You may need to download ZOOM at if you don’t have it already). You will receive the ZOOM link a few days before the event on the 25th. Simply click the link to join the live stream. There will be a password along with the link that you will have to use. I will be equipped with the BEST technology for the event – including the best camera and audio and multiple camera angles to make the teaching process the best it can be. There will be a chat/Q&A section where you will be able to ask me questions on things you want me to go over or answer in the last hour. Each hour will be focusing on separate category – sleights, effects, theory, and answering your questions. The event will be recorded and sent to you by email the following day.

Hour 1 – Evolution Of Our Magic/Tricks & Effects

The first hour is dedicated to commercial effects I use on a day-to-day basis and the way I perform them. We will learn how I open my routines and performances, what effects I close with and then expand on these effects to make them more believable, more interesting, and more powerful than they would be on their own.

These effects are perfect for any walk around environment or close-up scenario in both a causal or professional manner. We will go over effects with cards, money, phones and more.

Hour 2 – Sleight-of-Hand/Applications

– In the second hour, I’ll teach you my favorite and most used sleights. A lot of these have never been taught as well as updated versions of classic pandrea techniques.

-Furthermore, I will go into applications of how each sleight can be used (and how I use them)

– Some of these techniques include passes, false shuffles, switches, changes, controls, palms, and a very interesting look at the Anti-Faro.

Hour 3 – Magic Theory/The Next Level

Your magic isn’t complete until we learn how to think deeply about our performances, learn to present our effects in a more interest way, and turn something simple into something truly powerful. In the last hour, we will learn my magic theory and thinking behind what makes magic strong. We will learn multiple techniques that can be applied to our magic and go through many examples of how we can take what we are already doing right now and make it as magical as possible. We will end the teaching with my favorite card magic effect and learn why it’s important.

Hour 4 – Question & Answer

In the final hour of our live online seminar I will be answering YOUR questions from the chat and Q&A section of the Zoom session. Have your questions ready! It’s very important to me that everyone understands the material taught and goes away without having any doubt on any moves, effects, concepts or theories that I talk about in the lecture. I am here to help, and I will make it my mission to make sure everyone leaves happy, inspired, and confident about their magic.