Andrus Card Control 1-6 by Jerry Andrus




Vol 1
CLIVOT Control
Diagonal Jog Push-In Control
Misdirection and Movement Principles
In-Jog Techniques
Diagonal-Jog Techniques
Side-Jog Techniques

Vol 2
Shifting the Angles Principle
Blocking Movement Principle
Drift Shift Control
Diagonal Jog Push-In Control
Gambler's Aces Routine
In-Jog Addition Control
Clip Slip Control
Card-Tration Routine
Andrus at Halloween

Vol 3
Sidewinder Shift
New Sidewinder Shift
Using Poker Sized Cards
Card to Any Small Number
Sidewinder Deal
Tracker Jacks
Sidewinder Clip, Palm, Shuffle, Turnover
ACAAN of Performance and Explanation

Vol 4
The Sneak Peek
The Twivot Move
Table Reverse Shuffle
The Four Ace Routine
Drag Strip to Card Case
The Legendary Andrus Side Steal

Vol 5
The Panoramic Clip (Single and Multiple Cards)
The Banded Panoramic Shift
The Short-Wave Pass (Multiple Cards)
The Side Shift
The Swivel Shift

Vol 6
Ginza Shift
Ginza Shift
Side Delivery Palm, Turn Over, Double
Side Delivery Turn Over
Side Delivery Double
Sleeving from the Deck
Snap Sleeving
Right Little Finger Sleeving
Sleeving with a Handkerchief