Anthem and Aria LIVE (Penguin LIVE)




Q&A is not just an effect, but a full act and experience for your audience that combines telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition in unique ways. We can truly tap the fabric of the archetype of the original delphic oracle with a powerful Q&A experience. Anthem & Aria are natural intuitives that can share with you important principles and wisdom from their deep study and experience. Thanks for this amazing new source of inspiration and insights!” -Pablo Amira

“I’ve known Anthem and Aria for a long time. Their teachings on mentalism and especially Q&A is something that you don’t want to miss! Fresh and powerful ideas that packs a punch!” -Luca Volpe

“Anthem’s creativity has inspired shift after shift in my perception of magic. Real world practical thinking on surreal effects for your audience. Anything he has to share is worth its weight in gold.” -Sebastian Midtvaage

“If I had to use only one word to describe Anthem’s Close Up Q&A, I would say ‘Masterful’!” -Tony Razzano

“Anthem and Aria have the knowledge and experience to give you solid advice on audience reading and Q&A.” -Jeff McBride (Creator of McBride’s Magic and Mystery School)

“I’ve known Anthem for many years, as long as I have known him he has always shown a keen interest in anything Q&A related. I have never met anyone who has experimented and discovered as much to do with Q&A as Anthem. He has a real wealth of knowledge and has tested each and every one of his systems in the real world.
If you’re interested in learning from someone who knows, don’t pass this up.” -Peter Turner

“Anthem is a dynamite mentalist. He is cutting edge, engaging, and thinks about his mentalism intricately. He is a master of the story and woven word. A real world pro that delivers heavy hitting Mentalism.” -Peter Turner

What will they teach?

Theory- A truly great Q & A is not made by methods, but by execution. In this section, Anthem and Aria cover the real secrets of Q & A. Including…

What is Q & A

Getting Clear On Why You Want To Do Q & A

The Importance Of Character

Who, What, Where, Why – The Anytime Anywhere Formula

How To Reveal Information

How To Answer Questions

Giving Readings

Avoiding No’s And Covering Misses

Planning An Effective Q & A

Giving Instructions


Methods- In this section, Anthem and Aria cover methods for every scenario. Whether you are performing close-up or on stage and whether you have time to Pre-Show or not. The methods are split into Written methods and Unwritten Methods.

Written Methods

Memory And Cribs

The Sealed Envelope Test

The Pre-Show Q & A

Quantum Q & A – The Modern Ment-O-Flex


Unwritten Methods

What Really Is An Unwritten Q & A?

The Cards Will Tell – The Virtual Q & A

Almost Unwritten – The Stepping Stone To Propless Q & A

Unwritten Q & A

My Systems For Unwritten Q & A


Extra Resources

Using Playing Cards In Q & A And Mentalism

Readings On Stage vs. Close-Up

Reading List For Q & A and Readings

A List Of Almost 300 Real Life Questions From Real People

Billet Art For All Methods Taught In This Class

Who are they?

Anthem and Aria are ‘The Psychic Soulmates’. They’ve demonstrated their psychic entertainment for colleges, corporate events, cruises, and television. For the last 10 years, Q & A has been a staple routine for Anthem and Aria. They’ve experimented with previously unimagined approaches to this classic routine and built on the shoulders of giants to find the secrets of what some call holy grail of mentalism. Now, Anthem and Aria dive deep with you to explore what makes Q & A so compelling and timeless.