AOK 2 by Lewis Lé Val




“AOK 2 is a wonderful close-up Q&A act you can do with just a few blank business cards. This refinement of his popular and best-selling routine is worth every penny. Both the handling and presentational aspects are exhausting covered by Lewis as well as every variation possible. Nothing is lacking here. Get this download, study and practice it and you will have a top-notch routine you will use for the rest of your career.” – Richard Osterlind

“It is sooo brilliant and subtle. I hope to put it in my close up work very soon but you can even use it on stage, get this for a gift for yourself that will keep giving. Happy 2020. This is an effect for the future of Mentalism. 5 stars” – Marc Salem

“Strong, powerful and emotionally intense. This is a compelling close-up routine that has the feel of a full blown Q & A. A straight forward and direct method allows you to concentrate on a presentation that your audience will connect with and be emotionally affected by. This is an impressive and potent routine!” – Marc Paul

Art Of Knowing (AOK) is considered by professional magicians worldwide as one of their strongest close up mentalism routines.

Five years on from the original release, Lé Val has reinvented his staple mind reading piece and made it even stronger still.

Across two hours, you will be taught:

– FOUR modular methods, suiting all skill levels, to achieve the seemingly impossible task of reading multiple minds in a close up environment.
– The Art Of Knowing 2 Routine.
– How to reveal things that have never been written down.
– How to answer questions in an intriguing manner during Q&A routines.
– How to evade questions you don’t want to answer.
– How to get the audience on your side.
– An incredible amount of tips, tricks and subtleties.
…And much more!

This is a full MASTERCLASS on close up mind reading from one of the most talented mentalists in the UK and star of Discovery Channel’s “Mind Control Freaks.”

This IMPROMPTU close up act goes a little something like this…

1. Cards and a pen are handed out to ANY NUMBER of spectators.
2. They write a question they might ask a psychic, an interesting fact about themselves, or simply draw a picture.
3. One spectator mixes the cards.
4. The cards are laid out on the table and just by holding your hand over the cards, one by one; you can reveal who they belong to, and whatever thought they have written.

Lé Val presents this as a beautiful demonstration of psychometry, but this would work equally as well as psychological mind trickery, or in any other mind reading theme you can think of!

With just some business cards or blank pieces of paper and a pen, with no markings, no set up, no clean up and no difficult moves; you will be able to blow the minds of the people you meet any place, anywhere and at any time.

This is something special, ladies and gentlemen, and it will be a secret you can carry with you for the rest of your career.

Download Contents:

i: Mechanics (HD Video) – 1hr15mins
Full Performance + Four Handlings + Additional material.

ii: Theory & Presentation (HD Video) – 1hr03mins
Performance montage + Routines + Additional material.

iii: Complimentary 20 page PDF eBook Graphology system + Readings advice + Additional material.