Art Decko eBook by Simon Aronson


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We are VERY proud to announce Art Decko, the first new book by Simon Aronson in more than a decade. The book is full of devastating card material packed into his largest book ever…325 pages spread over 8 sections. You’ll learn a slew of effects that can be done with little or no set up, a section on his “Birthdays” concept, a section called “Totals,” which introduces a new plot and method for card effects, as well as tricks with memorized stacks, gaffs, and more. Equally important, there are two groundbreaking essays in this collection, where Simon theorizes about the uses of predictions, and how they can strengthen (or weaken) an effect.

Art Decko is Simon’s largest book ever, with eight sections of new material that run the gamut of card magic:

On the Spot – impromptu effects with an ordinary, shuffled deck
Two-Faced – some of Simon’s most deceptive magic, with just one or two gaffs
Totals – an in-depth study of a great new plot
Birthdays – a new exploration of the birthday datebook theme
Techniques – new and subtle techniques that are highly deceptive, but easy to do
Memorized Decks – effects both stack independent and tailored to the Aronson stack
Eccentrics – a grab bag of effects
Predictions – the most detailed, theoretical study of predictions you’ve ever read; includes Two by Two (the ultimate ACAAN – two freely chosen playing cards are discovered at two freely chosen numbers).

And SO MUCH MORE…theory essays covering everything from surprise to disillusionment; comment sections that deeply explore variations, alternative routines, and tradeoffs for the professional to weigh. If you want to see how Simon thinks, this book will offer many hours of thought-provoking ideas—all written in Simon’s lucid, detailed, and thorough style.

Josh considers Simon a major influence, role model, and friend, and in recent years Andi has also had the pleasure of getting to know Simon. Both of us have had a chance to read an advance copy of Art Decko, and the book is a revelation! Simon’s books are so much fun to read because he is so excited about his material, and the material itself is so intelligent.