Attraction by Dan Harlan (Instant Download)




Powerful magic with a borrowed deck of cards is something every magician should have in their back pocket. The best impromptu card tricks are not only baffling, but they are also easy to do. You’re about to learn a trick that you’ll want to perform for everyone. This is Attraction by Dan Harlan.

Here’s what happens:

The audience thoroughly shuffles a deck of cards. The cards could even be borrowed. Two spectators isolate selected cards in half the pack under the strictest conditions. The spectators then push their own cards each into the packet.. losing them completely, far away from the magician. Then, the magician mysteriously reveals the name of both selections. Using the other half of the deck, which has been clearly shown to not contain the selected cards, a third card is touched and turned face up in place. With a magical gesture, the selected cards are then found to be above and below the third card. Everything can be examined.

Attraction has elements of mentalism, teleportation, and revelations that your audience will love. The sleight of hand is easy enough for any magician, but the effect is strong enough to go into any pro’s working repertoire. No palming or gimmicks are required to execute this miracle. If you’re attracted to the kind of card magic that people can watch very closely and still be completely baffled, check out Attraction by Dan Harlan.