Bandwidth: The Untouchables by John Bannon




A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – ‘The Untouchables’ is the third release in John Bannon’s incredible new series of self-working, every day miracle card routines. This BBM exclusive video download will teach you a trick that you will be performing for the rest of your life – it’s that good. It’s 100% self-working. You never touch the cards. It works from a borrowed, shuffled deck (even a deck missing cards).THIS is the trick to bust out when someone catches you off-guard and says ‘Hey – show us a trick!’.

The Untouchables is Bannon’s updated and modernized revision of Tony Faro’s ‘Spectator Magician’ (popularized by the inimitable Daryl as ‘Untouched’). Bannon has made it a truly untouched miracle. The Untouchables is so hands-off that you can confidently perform it over video chat, or from across the other side of a table. (I WILL be performing this at our family Christmas Dinner!!).

Bannon’s bankable penchant for streamlined yet elegant methods is on full display here. Your spectator shuffles, cuts and eliminates cards all without a single physical intervention from you. When the routine reaches it’s inevitable conclusion, the spectator will be gobsmacked that THEY performed this themselves.

100% Self Working – No sleight of hand
100% Impromptu – No setup
Works with any borrowed, shuffled deck in use (even an incomplete deck)!
You NEVER touch the cards
Works over video call / phone call / in person / on stage!
Perform from the other side of the world
Running Time 17min

“I wholeheartedly stand behind this update to one of my favorite sleightless card tricks!” 10/10, Straight Talk Magic Reviews

“A fantastic effect and improvement on a piece popularized by Daryl. John has seriously ramped up this effect. I love it!!!” John Carey

“Making the magic happen in a spectator’s hands always guarantees a strong impact and ‘The Untouchables’ is no exception. John Bannon’s new take on Tony Faro’s routine is both effective and deceptive for a surefire way to amaze your spectator whether they are on stage with you, or on the other side of the world!“ Boris Wild

“Another baffling brain bender from John Bannon. Virtual mind-reading at its best.” John Guastaferro

“The Untouchables is classic Bannon: brilliantly structured, efficient, and totally fooling. He’s taken a great trick and cranked up the awesomeness factor to 11.” Cameron Francis

“Bannon is back and doing what he does best. Taking a piece of magic, cutting out all the b@!*shit and making it a stone cold killer” Alan Rorrison

“Bannon has a gift for stripping away the unnecessary, adding deception and leaving you with gold!, 10/10 for online and real world work.” Steven Palmer

“Being a Chicago magician you knew John Bannon had to release a trick titled ‘Untouchable’. (He beat me to it!) In John’s version of Tony Faro’s ‘Spectator Magician’ he’s gotten rid of the ‘risky’ spectator handling and added a wonderfully deceptive mixing sequence. Bannon’s ‘Untouched’ is simply unbeatable!” Tom Dobrowolski

“More Bannon brilliance! This time he’s ramped up a Daryl oldie so that it finally lives up to its title. A totally hands-off fooler that is perfect for Zoom and perfect for live performance. You CAN touch this! (Sang to the tune of MC Hammer 😉).” Mark Elsdon