Ben Earl – This is not a Box


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This is Not a Box explores the use of honesty and truth within magic effects, while attempting to cultivate new relationships between the performer and the audience. This is extremely powerful stuff… you have been warned!

Real Magic & The Empty Space – essays which might fundamentally alter your perspective on the art of magic.Fingertip Time Travel
An extremely powerful card effect in which a spectator experiences time travel in their own hands! This effect will immediately find its way into your repertoire… it’s genuine a killer and one which EVERY magician will be able to do immediately.A Choice Illusion
Every person watching can experience a completely different effect; even though in reality everyone sees exactly the same thing! If a single person watches they can experience multiple effects! This illusion is achieved with nothing but words!

The More You Know…
The spectator is told and shown exactly how this effect works… and yet the spectator is still completely fooled! This might just be one of the most original card effects you’ve ever read and should be reserved for when you need something particularly impressive.

Confirmation Bias
The performer reveals a card that the spectator is thinking of; however, this looks and feels completely real. Simply put, this looks like genuine mind reading and deductive reasoning… REAL! This doesn’t look like a trick, be warned! The spectator can also FEEL what it feels like to have the thoughts extrapolated from their mind… as it’s happening! Yep! Cults have been started on much less!

Primary Movement
A coin cleanly travels from one hand to the other under seemingly impossible conditions! That’s it! This looks like you have real magic powers! Can be performed surrounded and with a borrowed coin! The most amazing thing is that Primary Motion can be performed on a single spectator (or a group) with people physically holding your hands apart! This routine has some ingenious choreography and staging which makes a visual miracle.

Pocket Time Machine
The spectator witnesses the impressive power of time travel and ‘nothingness’! Any small object you can carry in your pocket is perfect for this effect such as a coin, sweet, piece of gum, pen lid, button, marble, sugar packet, small toy or USB stick etc. This might be one of the best ‘anytime/anywhere’ impromptu effects you’ll come across. More than just a trick with an ‘object’, this looks like you can manipulate space and time… with whatever small object you happen to have in your pocket!