Book of Mirrors

In his first publication since a life changing experience deep in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, Lewis Le Val is back with another heavy hitter, Book of Mirrors, this time in the form of a complete guide to tarot, specifically for mentalists.
With NOTHING to memorise, Le Val guides us through some of the easiest but most powerful tarot reading techniques that will allow you to begin giving insightful, meaningful, genuine, incredibly accurate and often moving tarot readings almost immediately!
In Book of Mirrors 97 page ebook, Le Val spills all. Beautifully written and awe inspiring,

You will learn:

– A glimpse at the story of Le Val’s moment of realisation in the Amazonian jungle regarding the tarot.
– An outpouring of reasons as to why we can read all tarot cards, but the key to all lies within the Tarot De Marseille.
– A brief history of misunderstanding and reinterpretation.
– An explanation of the importance of deception in the right time and place, and why we may not even need it.
– Abandoning commonly accepted meanings of the cards and forgetting all you know.
– The hidden order of the Major Arcana.
– Tools you might need.
– Tarot meditation for deeper understanding.
– How to interpret the cards, giving them new meaning every time.
– How to structure a reading.
– Pro tips
– What to say during readings.
– Making your readings more meaningful.
– Dealing with different types of clients or sitters.
– How to answer questions with the tarot.
– A word on using tarot spreads.
– How to read the tarot, in one sentence.
– Dealing with timeframes and expected predictions.
– Cardless readings.
and much more!
With example readings constructed for explanation purposes AND some real world readings, a handful of captivating stories and personal insights from Le Val, a discussion on living a life of art and poetry, a sprinkling of full colour photographs and so much more, Book Of Mirrors is without a doubt one of our favourite Le Val releases to date!
A book of rare findings rather than common stock, this is a practical, real world. And often ‘otherworldly’ explanation of one of the most beautiful methods of exploring the soul, and how you can share it with others.
Please note: Although these techniques can be used with any tarot deck, the author exclusively uses the Tarot De Marseille in his explanations and photographs.