Boom by Fernando Mier Nuñez




“The most impressive card trans’formation I even seen…”

“Visual flash that will bring life to your act”
Dani Daortiz

Boom is a stunningly visual trick that you’ll immediately want to add into your Zoom magic show, social media videos or demo video. With Boom, you can easily vanish a playing card or credit card into thin air with a burst of visual excitement that will delight any audience.

Once you learn the method, the way you use Boom is truly up to your imagination!

The included PDF will teach you how to make the Boom gimmick in less than 10 minutes. No magnets needed. You even get 2 effects in 1 (Boom effect and Juan K Boom).

Download today!

“In times where we have to reinvent and adapt to new ways of performing, Fernando Mier comes with a powerful, visual and brilliant effect that feels like true magic”
JC Rodarte

“Magic for social media has always been thought. Requires precise moves and techniques, both specially designed to amaze an audience watching from the comfort of their screens. Fernando Mier has elevated his social media followers exponentially with magic that seems like camera trickery…when he’s not using any! Fernando Mier is your best source!”
Victor Castañeda