Bound to Please by Simon Aronson




If you decide to buy Simon Aronson’s books separately, start with Bound to Please. This book is actually four books combined into one (“bound” to please, get it?). It’s all of Aronson’s early works, including A Stack to Remember, which gives you all the introductory tips and techniques to memorizing a deck, as well as some great yet simple tricks using the memorized deck stack. Most importantly, this is the only place that all the HIDDEN SECRETS Simon built into his stack are explained. There is a reason that cards 48 and 50 are what they are, and there’s a reason the Aces are at 6, 10, 18, and 22. Find out why ONLY HERE.

What’s more, you get “Shuffle-Bored,” an iconic card trick that still garners chatter and acclaim more than 25 years after it was published. This trick takes dozens of pages to explain, yet it’s completely self-working. Like much of Aronson’s material, it will fool you as you learn it!

There’s some sleight of hand, lots of self-working effects, the marketed Ad-Jacent (usually sold separately) is fully explained, and you get the best beginner guide to memorizing a deck. This book also includes “Red See Passover,” arguably the finest two-deck trick ever devised. If you like fooling magicians, this trick alone is worth the price of the book.

If you’re less interested in other tricks or beginning work on memorized deck, , we suggest starting with Simply Simon.

More info on Bound to Please:

Simon’s collected early works, compiled in one volume. Contains the complete texts of his first three books, The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson (1978), A Stack to Remember (1979) and Shuffle-bored (1980). Includes Red See Passover, Simon’s Favorite Card Trick, Mis-mate, Simon’s underground treatise on the memorized deck principles (that started the current wave of memorized miracles), an entire chapter on subtle uses of the advertising card, Under Cover Four Play, Ad-Jacent, and the original presentation of the Aronson stack (with three different poker deals, a perfect bridge hand, spelling combinations, a blackjack deal, and more). Shuffle-bored presents Simon’s self-working, totally hands-off card miracle: without any questions, outs, gaffs, ambiguities or moves – and without ever touching the cards – the performer announces exactly how many cards are face up, in a spectator freely shuffled deck! plus additional effects published in Kabbala and Hierophant.

183 pages