Breaking Band by Dr. Cyril Thomas (Instant Download)




“I love it man!” – Danny Urbanus

“Not only breaking band, but also blowing my mind !” – Bacon Fire.

“Trust me, you will love the method as much as the effect!” – Dr. Cyril Thomas

Breaking band is the most visual broken and restored rubber band ever invented.

And the best part of it? It is 100% impromptu (no gimmick involved), it only uses one regular rubber band (or the elastic of your face mask), and it is very easy to learn and perfect for real life performances.

In this new killer project, the Doctor will teach you in depth the nuts and bolts of an unique and innovative technique.

Imagine, a rubber band is broken, you can hear the snap of the break and clearly see the empty space between the two pieces. With no suspicious move, the missing part magically reappears in a blink of an eye.

This effect is as visual as a special effect from the movie Tenet.

Learn this reputation maker right now.
Let’s get ready to Rubber!