BTP Project By Micky Wong




BTP Project is Micky’s Invitation to deep dive into a classic piece of sleight of hand: the BACK THUMB PALM.

It will a journey of looking into what works, what doesn’t, and how to turn technique into magic.

After staying decades as an underground magician, this is Micky’s first-ever release to the coin community.

An invitation to explore one of the most underused, yet easily misused coin moves in magic: the Back Thumb Palm (BTP).
BTP is a rare move that allows the performer to display an open palm; while maintaining full control over the coin, ready to be produced at any time.
There is just one problem: it’s too easy to look UGLY when using the BTP.

Over the years, Micky has been fine-tuning this move into what you see today.
This project is his culmination of all the things he has discovered along the way.
His original handling of the BTP allows you to do unique things that were previously impossible:

-a clean, one handed coin vanish (and re-production)
-an invisible switch
-staying one-ahead in coin rolls
-strong utility move used with smartphones and sharpies

and then there is more: the everything else you need to learn about thie move.
Framing. Gestures. Angles. Body Language. Tension & Release.
All the things that makes the BTP invisible, and things that turn your “hardcore” sleight of hand into actual moments of real magic.

”Don’t love coin magic because it is difficult, love it because can give your audience a real moment of wonder.”

”Micky is one of the best Coin Magicians I know! Get this Project.”
– Moritz Mueller

“Very Methodical. Very Good. It’s not just a lesson on BTP, but a lesson in sleight of hand.”
– Harapan Ong

”很屌。 (f**king cool). I have no other words.”
– Eric Chien

”I used to find the BTP really ugly, but Micky has turned this into a piece of artful move.”
-Zee J. Yan