Calabrese on Cards by Mark Calabrese




An exclusive 2.5-hour download from one of New York City’s most prolific magicians.

Over the last few years, Mark Calabrese has established a name for himself in New York City as a magician who devastates both lay audiences and magicians alike with his otherworldly magic chops and jaw-dropping performances. Few magicians are as passionate about card magic as Mark Calabrese, and you can experience it first-hand with the dozens of ideas, tricks, and anecdotes packed into “Calabrese on Cards.”

From learning tried and tested routines like Mark’s fantastic Any Card at Any Number to gaining the confidence to perform versatile moves like a flawless Bottom Deal, this download offers the perfect blend for all card magicians. This also includes invaluable tips on the double lift, practical pointers for how to make your close-up material play for larger audiences, and even memorization techniques that will ensure you never forget an audience member’s name ever again!

No doubt though, the highlight for many of you will be the Super Shuffle. The deck is shuffled in the fairest way possible as both you and your participant haphazardly drop cards on the table. Yet, somehow, you can still produce a full suit of cards. This is a clever and practical routine that will likely end up in the repertoire of many magicians.

What makes “Calabrese on Cards” so enjoyable though is the presentation. This jam-packed download was filmed live during Mark’s highly-regarded workshop at Magifest 2023. He left an entire room of magicians stunned and now you can enjoy all of the amazing content from anywhere in the world. It feels like you’re sitting across the table from Mark during a personal jam session.

While some of the tricks are challenging and the subject matter is advanced at times, you’ll be sure to find plenty of inspiration in this download—no matter what your skill level is. It will have your mind racing with ways to apply what Mark has taught to your own performances.

Download “Calabrese on Cards” today.