Card To Pocket(Instructions only) by The Other Brothers




İmagine taking a card and ((record scratch)) … Why do all magic effects get sold in the same way? And why does everything have to be “on steroids”?

Let’s get real for a minute… Card to pocket effects always have one of two major drawbacks:
#1.You’re either ‘dirty’ before you go to your pocket. Aka can’t show your hand empty.

You’re dirty after you reveal their card and can’t show all of your pockets empty. Either because of multiple outs or an index.


They say two minds are better than one…. Enter stage left, The Other Brothers. Two Las Vegas guys from different mom’s, who create magic and are both called Darryl (& Daryl).

Their card to pocket effect goes like this:

• The spectator thinks of ANY card from the deck on the table. (No force)
• It vanishes with no sleight-of-hand •You pull it out of your pocket.
• You then pull ALL of your pockets inside-out to show that magic is for sure, real.

Don’t try and work it out. You’ll be here all week.

“There’s nothing to find and even less to hide.”

Inside this box is everything you need to pull this off. 2 gimmicked decks and a special gimmick that hides in plain sight.