Close Up From Far Away by Cameron Francis (Instant Download)




10 Tricks From “The Budget” magazine.

After the success of Cameron’s “The Continental” column in the British IBM magazine, “The Budget”, he decided to do another column in 2012.

Featuring some of his best effects, “Close Up From Far Away” is a collection of nine awesome card tricks and one non-card trick.

If you are new to Cameron’s work, this collection is a great place to start as it features some of his best material!


Super Easy CAAN — A self working stunner! Any card. Any number. Totally impromptu. Normal deck and the spectator does the dealing!

Backsplash 2.0 — An updated handling of Cameron’s “Backsplash” effect from “Moment’s Notice 4”.

Change It Up — The spectator freely picks a business card with a number on it. You reveal that you are holding that exact value in coins!

Selected Assembly — An assembly effect with a huge twist!

Simple Opener (Previously Unpublished) — Two cards are selected and lost in the deck, say the Five of Hearts and the Jack of Clubs. The magician finds one card… but it’s neither of the selections. A shake and it turns into the Jack of Clubs. The spectator uses the Jack as a magic wand and waves it over the deck. The deck is spread and one card is face down… it’s the Jack of Clubs! The spectator is now holding the Five of Hearts!

Subtle Sotto — A favorite of many magicians. Cameron’s simple handling of Phil Goldstein’s “Sottovoce”

Sublime Royale — One of the most organic card revelations you’ll ever find!

Low Riser — A small packet elevator routine with a great kicker!

Courtesy Flush — The spectator holds onto the four Tens. The magician holds onto the Aces. They each trade one card. Now the magician is holding all the tens! And the spectator is now holding… A Royal Flush in Spades!

Re-Twixt And Between — An impromptu take on Peter Duffie’s excellent gaffed effect “Betwixt And Between”.

Photo illustrated 35 page PDF.