Codex Mentis by Max Hazy


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“I just finished reading your book and I love it! Your method is in my opinion the very best way to do Q&A. I am so glad you are putting this in print for all mentalists to read! Thank you for sharing this book with me.”

Millard Longman

“Your work is fantastic. Well, your subtlety and quality is very top notch and to be honest it’s the best ebook I have bought this year. Sometimes I’m disappointed with promising hype but poor deliver. Your work is stand out and in much higher class.”

Sarin Suriyakoon

“While the main method could be described as an extension of known principles, it’s definitely unique and I’ve never seen this explored like this. Well done Max!”

Matt Packard

“This is an extensive course in how he does his Q&A. Technically speaking, I don’t think there’s something new here in terms of methods, concepts or techniques. What Max offers here is his own approach. I can see he has a great take on Q&A and I’m sure his presentations must devastate the audiences. It reads like he worked out all the various details on how to present it. Congratulations on all the work you’ve put into it.”

Greg Arce

“I loved it! It’s great work, and you’ve obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. I enjoyed it very much. Well done!”

Paul Voodini

“First, I need to express the fact that Max is a friend, and that I received a copy of this before its release. But that will not affect my opinion, and whatever I am writing here reflects my sincere thoughts. The first time I was introduced to this material was over a year ago, when discussing over Skype with Max. He sent me a link. It was a video of him performing a Q&A for a moderate-size audience. And although I am familiar with Q&A, the way he was handling his made me realize one thing: mine was filled with superfluous bits, unnecessary parts, maybe even confusing. His performance was one of a real mindreader answering questions. I do not want to give more details not to reveal too much, but I will say this: this was as simple, pure and REAL as it gets. Of course, I could not get all the details, as my Portuguese is pretty much lacking. Max is Brazilian I precise, for those who don’t know him. But I still could understand, as I am familiar -to an extent- with this language, and I could definitely see the audience’s reactions. Actually, their LACK of reactions (which is the best reaction, when something is too strong). They were like… absorbed by Max’s answers. And then came what he refers to as the Unleash phase. There, their Brazilian side took over and I can tell you: they reacted. In this booklet Max not only goes over his routine, but actually goes over every single bit that makes it what it is. Simple, risk-free, and highly effective. Method-wise, it’s all sound and tested. He proposes many variations, and there is something for everyone. He illustrates with multiple examples that really complement his explanations. He touches on multiple aspects like switches, basic mnemonics, o**-a***d, DR, Readings, and also discusses the reasons why his approach works so well, giving the psychology behind it. When I read the paragraph ‘Failsafe ********’ I understood that the way I performed Q&A was… corrupted. That magician’s thinking played a part in the design of my routine. Not that I was not aware of the method Max uses, as others have written about it, but Max explained better than anyone WHY this one might just be the purest one. Maybe the best. And his arguments first puzzled me, then convinced me he was right. I was doing it wrong, and had to change my routine… Hey, only idiots never change their mind. To sum up: what Max proposes here in not something new in terms of method. It’s his view on Q&A, the way he put it together, the way he performs it. And what he created and shared is something I believe you should read if you’re interested in Q&A. Because this is simply the purest, the most REAL way to perform this classic plot. It changed my views and my philosophy. It might change yours. Well done Max, this is superb.”

Phedon Bilek