Cubism by Asi Wind and Haim Goldenberg




NOTE: Available Now!!

No gimmicks !!! all you need is only 4 Rubik’s cubes and this video tutorial.

Haim Goldenberg and Asi Wind’s “Cubism” is unlike any Rubik’s Cube routine you have ever seen. For the last seven years, they have developed and finessed every detail, turning it into the perfect closer. Indeed, Goldenberg and Wind have both used “Cubism” to close their shows with great success.

The routine starts with the performer’s attempt to solve four mixed cubes under strict conditions. However, the audiences’ expectations are exceeded by an astonishing twist.

In this tutorial, you will learn both Goldenberg and Wind’s versions of the routine, packed with great details that will allow you to tailor this routine to suit your show and personality.

Since “Cubism” features a surprising twist, they reserve broadcasting rights to keep the surprise element fresh in live and virtual shows.
All you need is four Rubik’s Cubes and the knowledge they will share with you. This routine is suitable for stage, parlor, and virtual shows. 

  • No pre-show
  • No special sleight of hands
  • No usage of gimmicked technology or software
  • No magnets,No threads, No batteries
  • No peaks or misdirection
  • Short practice time – high impact
  • Packs flat plays big

*this product is a 70min instructional video