Curiouser & Curiouser by Chris Congreave






Book includes

Coin prediction – Ask a spectator how much is in a handful of change, they say £2.57, when you display it there is £1.64 (or whatever) You then go on to predict what coin they will finish with, whether its heads or tails and for the finale, you reveal that you had predicted £2.57 too. (No PW)

Dead cut prediction – a freely thought-of card is written on the back of the Jokers

Anniversary in my pocket – my take on the classic effect Anniversary waltz

Upper hand – a cool 4 for 4 transposition card effect

Cut, stop, think – a card routine that predicts exactly what card spectators will stop at, cut to and think of.

Stop and think – a slightly shorter version of the above, different method and a real worker

Drawn – previously under the radar in a limited run booklet super commercial card routine that leaves your spectator with a brilliant souvenir

Re-drawn – a different take on the above

Coin to anywhere – what it says on the tin

Mental coins – a great idea by Gary Jones a freely predicted number on a coin

Card at almost any number – total magician fooler, I’ve also included a kicker ending previously unpublished that makes it much more commercial

Locked, marked and reloaded – in my first book there is a routine called “marked cards” this is an evolution of that, much more commercial.

A freely named card – you bring out 2 Jokers from your pocket and it is written on the backs (as direct as that)

Stickman Stan – a really commercial routine that leaves the spectator with a brilliant souvenir, great for kids as well as adults.

Turbo card – turbo stick meets a card trick. Visual fast-paced magic

Hopping lemon – a walk-around coin routine that has a “chop cup” feel to it, they never see the ending coming!

Destination amazed – a prediction effect using business cards. Predict a freely thought of holiday destination.

Thanks to Dave – using 4 pieces of a ripped-up card, it changes into a selected card 1 piece at a time.

Comedy card to wallet (prop included)

52 on 1 kickback thingy – A 52 on 1 card changes into a thought of card

Lucky card – card in lanyard (previously on my ATT lecture, I have added different handlings as well as the original to remove the use of the gimmicks).

Gambit – a really nice coin prediction effect using a gaff you will already own

GMT – a quick impromptu card trick from Gary Jones

Whoops – when the spectator signs the back of the card by mistake you now have a routine to go straight into.

Dr Daleys Mystery – from a shuffled pack Dr. Daleys last trick meets “mystery card”

PLUS 2 essays on performing close-up magic at events, dealing with Alpha males, pocket management, approaching a table, and much more.