Deep Magic Seminars Individual by Ben Earl


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Deep Magic Seminars by Ben Earl


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Are you looking for something ‘more’ but don’t know what? Do you want to be inspired? Well, the Deep Magic Seminars will give you exactly that.

With Ben’s unique eye for detail and his exceptional ability as technician and teacher, you will learn world class approaches to effect, technique and theory.


Each course is split across 4 weeks, each live section is a minimum of 90 minutes.
Course 1 – Every Thursday from 9th July
Course 2 – Every Friday from 10th July
Course 3 – Every Saturday from 11th July
Course 4 – Every Sunday from 12th July
All sessions will be available to view after as part of your purchase

1 – brilliant basics – deep magic seminar – online course

 A four week course on mastering fundamental card magic technique. Through six hours of online seminars, you will develop a deeper understanding of the basics and how to make all your card magic more deceptive. You will not only learn new sleight of hand techniques but new ways to apply and practice them. The ultimate goal is to inspire you, give you new tools and see the basics in brand new ways.


Experience required: beginner

Aimed at: beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • General technical improvements (spreading, shuffling, dealing, squaring),
  • Natural handling (soft touch, tension, transitions)
  • Break management
  • Jog Shuffle
  • Lift Shuffle
  • Mahatma Shuffle
  • Greek Shuffle
  • False Cut
  • The Pass
  • Subtle key cards and controls
  • Culling
  • The Classic Force
  • Riffle Force
  • Dribble Force
  • Cross-Cut Force
  • Top Palm
  • Simple Double Lift
  • Simple Top Change
  • Revelations

2 – new theory switching – deep magic seminar – online course

A four week course in the art of invisibly switching cards for real people under real world conditions. Through six hours of online seminars you will learn a revolutionary system for integrating the Double Lift, the Top Change and the Second Deal into one fluid card switching system.

You will not only learn more advanced techniques for the Double Lift and the Top Change but radical new ways to practice and integrate them. This system is designed to go under-the-radar—allowing you to switch cards invisibly in any environment.


Experience required: beginner/intermediate

Aimed at: beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Control
  • Double Lift/Turnover
  • The Top Change
  • Technical variations
  • Technical transitions
  • Isolation
  • Movement
  • Integrating the system
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Technical Drills

3 – no shuffling allowed – deep magic seminar – online course

A four week course on the art of False Shuffling. You will learn more than twelve amazing False Shuffles and how to apply them in the hands and on the table. You will learn all the technical and psychological details to make each False Shuffle practical and deceptive.


4 x 90 min (6hrs)

Experience required: Intermediate

Aimed at: beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • The Extended Greek Shuffle
  • The Real Optical Shuffle
  • The Combination Shuffle
  • The Side-Faro Shuffle
  • The Grey Shuffle
  • The Shape Shuffles x 4
  • Scattered Push-Through Shuffle
  • The Slow-Through Shuffle
  • The Open Zarrow
  • Movement, psychology, timing and touch.

4 – the flow deal – deep magic seminar – online course

A four week course on Ben’s amazing Flow Deal. This is undoubtedly the real work on false dealing. If the goal is to find the ultimate approach to false dealing then look no further—you are in for a treat. You will learn how to deal all manner of seconds and bottoms with a beautiful technique that looks innocent, soft and natural.


4 x 90 min (6hrs)

Experience required: Intermediate

Aimed at: intermediate, advanced

  • Classic positions
  • Flow Deal position
  • Natural transitions
  • Natural dealing
  • Second Deals (multiple styles)
  • Bottom Deals (multiple styles)
  • Timing
  • Psychology
  • Movement
  • Technical Drills
  • Gambling Demonstrations

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Brilliant Basics, New Theory Switching, No Shuffling Allowed, The Flow Deal


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