Digitalism by Demon (Instant Download)


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Hey guys, this is Digitalism by Demon and it is neither a magic trick nor a mentalism trick, it is a tool that will help you to make your own mentalism routines. It is a principle that will help you to read the spectator’s mind with infinite possibilities. The only restriction is your own imagination.

Using this tool, you can perform various different effects with the spectator’s phone. It is made for a condition when you don’t have anything like cards, coins, dice, rings, or anything with you. The only thing you need is a spectator’s phone. No apps, no forces, no restrictions, no pre-show, no stooge, or assistant. It is completely angle proof, it means nothing to hide. You can use both Android or iPhone.

The effects that can be created with this are endless but this book contains the following effects:
1. There are 4 different PIN divination in this book and all of them are different. The first one allows you to unlock the spectator’s phone in a completely direct way. The second one allows you to divine a completely random PIN that was made by the spectator at the moment. The third one allows you to divine a random PIN that spectator made for the trick and in the end you will be able to reveal his real pin. The last one is a very direct way to divine a PIN code, the spectator will never write, whisper, or read anything.
2. There are 3 ways of zodiac divination in the book. 2 of those can be performed with the spectator’s phone and the last one can only be performed with your phone.
3. Here is a BEAST. The last effect is not a normal routine, it is a thing that will help you to divine anything like names, objects, dates, zodiac, and anything that they want to think.

It is easy to perform and if performed correctly, reactions will be great. It is not just an effect, I am giving you a tool that will help you to create your own effects out of it.