Diplopia by Paul Vigil


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Diplopia is one of the strongest impromptu mentalism effects that you can do with a borrowed deck of cards.

Paul Vigil is a rising star in magic and mentalism and Diplopia will show you why.

Here’s what happens: The magi asks to borrow a deck of cards. The spectator is invited to think of any card. They are asked to verify that the card is in the deck – and it is. The magi also thinks of a card; verifying that it too is in the deck.

The magi challenges the spectator to find the card he was merely thinking of and offers to transfer his powers to the spectator to assist them with the process. With one touch, the spectator gets an image of the card and removes it from the deck – hidden from the magi’s sight.

The magi then attempts to find the spectator’s thought of card. In the end, he correctly names the spectator’s card. But the kicker here is that the spectator also has also found the magi’s thought of card!

There is no forcing and no equivoque involved. Additionally, this manuscript details, with permission, the heavily sought after Infinity Principle created by Martin Nash, who used to sell this for $50 alone!

“Stunning! When Paul Vigil showed this to me my mouth dropped open.” – Eugene Burger

“I spend my life traveling around and believe me I have seen my share of card locations. I have never and I mean never, been so fooled by any other card location…EVER. When Paul finally got tired of me begging to know the method I was even more impressed at how clever it really was.” – Chris Kenner

“Impeccable.” – Paul Harris

“The effect and procedure are clear and well structured; imbued with mystery and impact. Your nuanced mix of methods is more than just clever combination or variation. Diplopia matters.” – Michael Weber

“One of the most baffling card effects I have ever experienced! Now it can be in your tool kit.” – Jeff McBride

“Devilishly Deceiving.” – Gazzo

“Paul Vigil has fooled me many, many times. Never however has he fooled me as badly as with this effect. It’s as clean as you could hope for and even more devious than you could imagine in your wildest dreams. It’s a perfect example of construction that elevates a card routine into strong, impactful mentalism. I can not recommend this highly enough as I simply do not think the English language contains words of high enough praise.” – Luke Jermay