Distance Zoom Lecture by Jamie Daws





We are in a situation we have never been in as magicians. Unable to deliver an experience to our audiences like we used to be able to. Over the past couple of months, I have invested a ridiculous amount of time researching. Researching what other performers are doing, researching technology, researching magic effects and even researching other industries and pulling the best parts of all of these to create a brand new experience I can deliver to my audience. Many performer have noted that, because of the distance we have between us and our audience, it means the magic won’t be as powerful. I firmly believe that, just because we are miles apart, it doesn’t mean the experience cannot be just as incredible!

In this lecture, I am going to discuss my entire online show. I will show you the effects chosen, why they were chosen. I’ll talk about why they work better over video and the ways I have made my online show completely different to every other performer to give myself a USP. Not only that but, I’ll discuss the technology I am using and how it all works to create a high end, professional, broadcast quality show right from your own home.

If you have ever wanted to perform your own virtual show, there is no better time to start learning!

Stay safe, spread magic.


When you purchase your ticket, you will be sent a Zoom log in for the date of your event. Please be aware, all times are in UK GMT so if you are in another country, you will have to research the time of the lecture. The lecture will be recorded and sent to you after the event! The lecture will run from 60-90 minutes (questions and interaction permitting) Each lecture is capped at 25 people so please book quickly!


Just you! If you would like a pen and paper then by all means bring it along.