Eagle by Will Fern (Instant Download)


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Quite simply the cleanest vanish and reproduction of a single coin you will ever see. Will Fern has made a name for himself as an award-winning close-up magician working for some of the biggest corporations in the world. He has the ability to borrow a quarter, make it completely vanish, show both sides of his hand, then pluck that quarter out of the air and hand it back. Now, Will is sharing that secret with you. This is Eagle.

This challenging piece of sleight of hand is as rewarding to learn as it is to perform. Without any gimmicks or special apparatus, you can borrow a quarter and vanish it. You then show both sides of your hand repeatedly. To finish, you pluck that quarter back out of the air and hand it out for examination. The quarter you vanish and reproduce are the same quarter, and could even be signed. There’s no sleeving, just pure sleight of hand. You could even perform it with your other hand in your pocket the entire time.

In addition to Eagle Will shares two of his other one coin routines that he performs during his incredible walk around sets. All of this magic uses ordinary quarters, and learning these routines will not only give you access to Will’s cherished secrets but also act as a template for you to level up your sleight of hand. Your coin work is about to take flight with Will Fern’s Eagle.