Envelock by Blake vogt


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Make anything appear inside a sealed and LOCKED envelope.

Your spectator can sign the sealed envelope BEFORE the routine starts. Perform an effect for your audience with any small object and then… as your big finish… invite them to tear open the envelope from the beginning and they will find their signed object inside. They get to keep everything.

This is an instructional video download where Blake will take you through how to make this incredible utility device. When you purchase Envelock, you will receive a PDF file which will allow you to print and make as many of these as you want. Blake will then take you through in detail how to assemble this gimmick and give you tons of ideas for routines that you can use these for.

You can carry this gimmick around with you wherever you go and be ready to perform an insane object to impossible location ANYtime you want. This is Envelock.