Fake Genius by Steve Cook


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From the wildly creative mind of renowned magician and mentalist Steve Cook, comes an amazing new book packed with 20 incredibly powerful and powerful mentalism tricks designed exclusively for professional magicians and mentalists. All of these effects were designed by a worker for workers.

Fake Genius contains some of Steve’s most cherished material that has been honed over years of performances, as well as a remarkable collection of thought-provoking essays, real world insights and invaluable tips designed to help any mentalist or magician elevate their performance.


Without looking, a spectator mixes four different colored coins inside a purse before reaching in and freely selecting one. Despite these fair conditions, you’re still able to correctly predict which one they’d choose.

An enchanting routine based around proving that Bess Houdini’s attempts to contact Harry Houdini beyond the grave were actually more successful than some might believe.

A spectator’s random choice of an imaginary holiday destination, hotel and room number is found printed on a hotel key card.

Clear Cut
A selected card is found sealed in a clear piece of laminate that was examined by the spectator before the trick began.

Despite the spectator making an incredibly fair choice of one coin among a group of six, you’re still able to correctly guess which one they’d select.

A fun and quick routine where two Jokers are thrust face-up into a deck of cards to find and sandwich a signed playing card.

Dated Destination
Without having to ask a single question, you’re able to reveal the date, month and destination of an imaginary vacation your spectator freely thought of.

With your back turned, you’re still able to name five cards chosen at random by your spectator.

Your able to correctly predict which ESP symbol your spectator will freely choose in a very fair manner.

You influence your spectator to select three locations that are, unbeknownst to them, already predicted on the three cards they hold in their hand.

A Joker that is sealed in a bag impossibly transposes with a spectator’s signed card that was lost in the deck.

Two special Jokers, that are banded together and sealed inside a card case, are later found to be free selections that were subsequently signed by two spectators.

Shell ’n’ Shuttle
Three coins vanish from the performer’s hand, only to separately appear inside a previously empty purse, left in full view of the audience.

Movie Mental
After four different spectators simply think of a movie from a collection of movie postcards, you divine which person thought of which film.

A super surprising way to reveal that you knew which ESP card your spectator would select.

Die-Abolical! (V5)
You’re able to correctly predict which die your spectator will choose at random from a group of six.

Sense of Touch
After a spectator secretly hides five different ESP cards in separate envelopes, you’re able to correctly identify which ESP symbol is where.

Triple Divination
With your head turned, a spectator will place three different coins (that share an identical size and weight) into three of your pockets. Without asking any questions, you then reveal which coin is in which pocket.

The Dr Jaks Miracle!
You’re able to impossibly name a playing card that was freely selected by your spectator under very fair test conditions where your head was turned away and the card was also lost in the deck and then placed inside two envelopes.

Parisienne Walkways
A lovely effect based on the French saying of “coup de foudre” (or “love at first sight) in which a spectator chooses a foreign city and you’re able to reveal their selection in a fleeting and mysterious way.

“Steve is an ingenious creator and thinker.”Peter Nardi

“Steve Cook is one of my favorite magicians.”Liam Montier

“All of Steve’s effects are proper workers.”Steve Dela

“Steve is a brilliant performer and creator, and he never stops surprising me. You’re a f****g genius man!”Luca Volpe

“I can assure you that Steve Cook is not Fake… just pure Genius.”Steve Haresign

“Steve is one of the most consistent magical inventors of quality magic in the UK. I’m one of his biggest fans, Steve Cook is THE MAN!”David Diamond

“[Fake Genius] is a fantastic and fascinating piece of work. It’s truly epic and people are going to adore it. The effects are wonderful and beautifully explained throughout, and the hints and tips sections are priceless, to say the least. The essays about the magicians that influenced you are a lovely touch, and written with genuine affection. This really is an incredible piece of work Steve. It has the feel of a modern classic of magic”Darren Woolf

NOTE: Many of the effects in Fake Genius require additional props that can be easily found online, as well as some basic arts and crafts construction.