False Anchors 4 – Ryan Schlutz





This is the strongest routine I have created to date. You can open with any shuffled deck effects, perform RNG, and finish with Out of this World, Oil & Water with a full-deck separation kicker, or maybe a red/black Gilbreath-style routine. RNG is a pseudo-ACAAN effect but it secretly allows you to end with the deck separated into Red & Black.  


Business As Usual

An impromptu business card effect (or even a scrap piece of paper) that allows you to temporarily take away someone’s free will. You will learn a new concept that you can adapt to many routines ideas.


Intuition Test

A highly interactive effect where a spectator answers several questions on the back of a business card. Despite the complete freedom, you are able to reveal all the answers that were predicted before they started within the business card itself.


Driver’s Instinct 


In creating this effect, I set several criteria:

  1. I wanted something I could easily carry in my wallet.
  2. I wanted something that was not a card trick.
  3. Most importantly, I wanted an effect I could teach someone if the opportunity presented itself.
  4. And, a bonus – at the end of the routine, this person would have my contact information.

Driver’s Instinct meets all four of these criteria.