Folie a Deux by Luke Jermay (eBook)




Folie a Deux – Jermays PK Touch

“Folie à Deux” takes the neoclassical “PK Touch” premise and expands it to a new staggering depth, in the most direct manner imaginable. It typical Jermay style a radically new way of looking at this neoclassical plot brings new life to it. Jermay’s approach allows you to do less and generate more mystery with its elegant construction and devious approach.

“Folie à Deux” is a professional performance piece showcasing an impossible connection inexplicably created by the performer between audience members. It uses no props; aside from 6 unprepared chairs and an unprepared candle. The audience witness the impossible as three people share a powerful delusion, experiencing sensations of touch, heat and sound that are not their own but rather those sensations experienced by another person sat far away from them.

In this 38 page, 8,648 word PDF instant download; nothing is left unexamined; it provided all the details, subtleties and information you need to effortlessly bring this vision of mystery to life in your own performances. Included is Jermay’s word for word professional performance script and performance rights in all settings are included with purchase.

Those who have followed Jermay’s work will recognise this routine as part of his ongoing documentation of his personal explorations and expansions on what is arguably the oldest principle in all of magic drawn from years of experimentation, innovation and fine tuning in real world performance.

This routine is a professional stand up piece designed to be performed in parlour, stage and theatre performance settings only. It is not suitable for close up, street or walk around performance.