Force Cut by Bakore Magic ( Video + Graphics)




The perfect prediction is just one cut away!

A simple, visual, and intuitive technique that will enable you to force or predict nearly anything.

You show a paper with a unique design. You take scissors and ask the spectator to select a spot in which you will cut. You turn the paper over to the other side to find their selected choice… but this choice is a force!

Based on an old principle, we took the classic, twisted it and took it to a different direction.

You will get our instruction steaming video by Haim, Guy & Amir as well as discussions, tips, and explanations on how to perform it for Virtual shows, as well as live shows.

It is simple, direct, visual, and deceptive. Yet, very easy to perform!

The process to make your gimmick is super easy and will take just a few minutes of DIY. Simply print, glue and cut… and you are ready to go!

You will receive numerous creative designs that will give you completely different outcomes and presentation ideas to perform.

You will also be able to customize it to your need by using our simple template adding company information, logos, and pictures as you see fit.

• No psychological forces, No pre-show, No multiple outs.
• The spectator has a FREE CHOICE to select… yet wherever he/she will stop you… this will be the force!
• Includes different designs, as well as the customizable template.
• We will add more designs in the future to your account.
• Great for Virtual shows, Live shows, close-up and more.

Cut your way to success with FORCE CUT!

*We are not showing you the full demo since the method be clear, but if you like what we do then get Force Cut and learn all the little details as well as get all the graphics we created