Subtitled as, “aka Vernon’s Influence,” this is a simple and self-working routine that Paul has been using as an opener for his close-up shows and as an impromptu routine when he performs at informal gatherings at bars and parties. You can present it as a prediction, a demonstration of influencing a person’s decision process or as a challenge gambling bet.

Six cards are placed on the table in a row. A spectator rolls an invisible die and mentions the number he sees on top. You then introduce a Poker chip which has instructions for the spectator’s next actions. Once the instructions are followed the card under the chip is revealed to be the only one which is unique. To further enforce that you knew what all the spectator’s actions are going to be you turn over the Poker chip to show your prediction on the back.

It is a much quicker and more direct routine than how the description reads.

Comes with the specially manufactured poker chip, a written instruction booklet, and a link to an online explanation. Use your own cards. Every booklet we sell was hand-autographed by R. Paul Wilson.