Goats Grimoire by Jose Prager




“Goat’s Grimoire contains nine great mentalism effects that will totally fool any audience, but it’s Jose’s outstanding and emotionally transforming scripts that are the real gem…study them carefully.” -Marc Paul

“I am a fan of Jose’s organic ingenuity. While not as macabre as the title would suggest, Mr. Prager’s new work is full of simple (and what I am sure would be) powerful routines. What I like most is the well composed structure which underlies the combined work of Jose and his friends. There are plenty of jewels to be mined in (and between) these pages.” -Sean Waters

“Jose’s Goat’s Grimoire is an excellent book on so many levels. The thinking behind the scripts is perfect for the working mentalist. Various methods and ideas are given for both constructing gimmicks and creating strong experiences for your audiences. Amongst the many great routines, I’ll definitely be using ‘Mind Flight’ and the ‘Mr. Green System’ in my shows.” -Mauricio Jaramillo

From the mind of José Prager comes an exclusive collection of nine all-new, fully-scripted, high-impact mentalism routines and five diabolically-clever utility devices. Each one of these routines and devices has been developed and engineered by Mr. Prager himself, and tested and refined across thousands of performances.

But it gets even better: mentalists extraordinaire Luke Jermay and Peter Turner have each contributed their own truly killer ideas, tips and spins to this unique collection of A-list material. Collaborations in mentalism simply don’t get any better than this! The result? Nine routines that hit hard — very hard — and five utilities you’ll immediately add to your working arsenal to produce jaw-dropping miracles on stage, in close-up rooms, at bars…and even in one-on-one performances!

The mind-blowing effects in “Goat’s Grimoire” include:

“3386” (José Prager and Luke Jermay)
You divine your spectator’s PIN number and he divines yours…just like that. Bam! Simple, clean and direct.

“This Eye” (José Prager and Luke Jermay)
A spectator peers closely into your left eye, and you immediately reveal details around specific events that will unfold in her immediate future.

“The Goat Knew Me” (José Prager and Peter Turner)
Prove beyond any possible shadow of a doubt that, in fact, you knew a member of your audience long before you actually ever met him. It’s insane!

“Heavy Amnesia” (José Prager and Peter Turner)
Draw gasps of astonishment from your audience as you instantly cause everyone present to forget something you showed them only moments before.

“Mind Flight” (José Prager and Luke Jermay)
Spectators embark on a strange and remarkable journey inside their very own minds…but they’re not alone: you’re right there alongside them for the ride. Absolutely chilling.

“Psychological Jar” (José Prager and Peter Turner)
You ask an audience member to think of a random word — any word — and instruct her to change her mind several times. She confirms that nothing is written down and that the word exists only in her mind. Then, impossibly, you reveal the very word she was merely thinking of! Pure mind reading at its very best.

“Goat Touch” aka “Guarded” (José Prager, Morgan Strebler and Peter Turner)
An impromptu PK touch routine that’s quite unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. You’ll blow your audiences away with this one!

“Blank Bank” (José Prager and Peter Turner)
An all-new approach to divining the last three digits of a credit card and the name of the cardholder. There’s just no way you could possibly know this — and yet…

“PK Team” (José Prager and Luke Jermay)
Show your spectators how to move an object with the power of the subconscious mind. A beautiful presentation of a classic.

On top of all this, “Goat’s Grimoire” provides you with these incredible utility devices:

“Mr. Green System”
Predict virtually anything in the cleanest and most elegant manner possible. You’ve never seen predictions done like this!

Based on one of the most ingenious duplication principles ever devised. You’ll construct it in minutes, and use it in every show you do going forward.

“The Scanner”
Hands-down, the most innocent-looking impression pad you’ve ever seen. It uses an ordinary pencil, resets in seconds, and costs next to nothing to make.

Instructions for constructing one of the most deceptive p**k w*llets. “Leatherface” is a homemade version of Dr. Stanley Jack’s Wallet.

An unprecedented, groundbreaking concept in the art of PK magic.

Goat’s Grimoire is a stunning limited-edition softcover. It features a series of fantastic, eye-opening drawings by renowned Latin American artist Gonzalo Carrera Graniel which were commissioned exclusively for this book.