Heads Up by Juan Tamariz presented by Dan Harlan (Instant Download)




Predict a coin flip from the other side of the planet. Developed by the master of Verbal Magic, Juan Tamariz, and presented by Dan Harlan, Heads Up is the perfect way to predict a coin flip over Zoom, Skype, even over the phone. Direct from Juan Tamariz’ amazing book Verbal Magic, this effect is a truly remarkable prediction that will leave your audience speechless.

Here’s what happens:

Your audience grabs a handful of change and places it on a table. The audience then makes a series of free choices regarding how many coins they flip. They then choose a coin and cover it with their hand, while eliminating the rest of the coins. The magicians then reveals if that coin is heads or tails with perfect accuracy. The best part is that it works every time.

Originally performed over the radio by Juan Tamariz, this effect is as amazing in person as it is over the internet. Expertly taught by Dan Harlan, you’ll learn the mechanics of the effect as well as a full presentation and the nuances to perform this stunt with coins even though you aren’t in the same room. This simple to perform trick is a powerful effect that magicians of all skill levels will love. This is Heads Up by Juan Tamariz presented by Dan Harlan.