I’ll Pass by Wesley James


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Wesley James has been seriously analyzing, studying, and improving the Pass for well over 50 years. In this volume his efforts are fully revealed for the first time.

When other magicians, even experts, have witnessed Wesley perform many of his treatments of the Pass, they’ve been incredulous. They simply can’t believe the Pass, any Pass, can be as invisible as they are in Wesley’s hands. Now, in this large volume, you can learn these invisible, indetectable Passes, as well as the most deceptive Shifts that can be performed at the card table, including the legendary “Ping Pong Shift.”

You’ll need to practice these techniques, but you can be assured that your efforts will yield the Passes and/or Shifts you have always desired. The choice is yours, spend uncounted hours trying to learn to perform a Pass that may or may not ever create the result you’ve been striving for or study Wesley’s discoveries and attain the finest, most deceptive Passes ever developed.

There has never been a book that even approached being comprehensive in examining the Pass. There was Jean Hugard and Fredrick Braue’s Invisible Pass, but, despite the contribution it made, it fell short of its goal. Wesley has fixed the problems with the Hugard and Braue technique, which now, for the first time, can be performed both invisibly an indetectably. If that was all you learned in the pages of this volume, it would be invaluable, but it barely scratches the surface.

The Classic Pass has been described innumerable times in magic’s literature, dating back at least to the mid-18th century, but, although Ralph Read did a commendable job in describing the correct technique, even his description had serious short-comings. Wesley has identified those weaknesses and corrected them, thus creating not one but several variations of the Classic Pass that are designed for the specific kinds of situations you are most likely to encounter. Each is described in full detail in the pages of this volume.

If Gambling demonstrations are your favorite area of pursuit, after reading the pages of I’ll Pass you’ll be able to perform the legendary “Ping Pong Shift.” I’m not talking about the Vernon theory, as shared with Faucett Ross, but the real “Ping Pong Shift.” The technique is so deceptive it could get by without question in even the strictest card game.

I’ll Pass includes Wesley’s celebrated detailed descriptions, commentary and the secrets that make Wesley’s Passes among the most invisible in the long history of magic.

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • The Classic Pass
    • Erdnase On The Shift
    • Charles Bertram On The Two-Handed Pass
    • The Ralph Read Pass Description
  • Classic Pass Variants
    • The Dr. Elliott Pass
    • Vernon On The Classic Pass
    • The Fred Black Pass
    • The Frank Thompson Pass
    • Sprong’s Hinge Pass
    • Dr. Elliott’s Riffle Pass
    • The Taylor Elias Jiggle Pass
    • Dingle On The Pass
    • From Enchantments
  • Cover Passes
  • Pass Covers
  • Learning to Pass
  • This Too Shall Pass
    • The Hofzinser Pass
    • The Expert Card Technique – Invisible Turn-Over Pass
    • The Daley Turn-Over Pass
  • Bottom to Top Pass Covers
  • A Bottom to Top Cover Pass
    • The Tan Hock Chuan Pass
  • Tabled Passes and Shifts
    • The Real Ping Pong Shift
  • One-Handed Passes
    • The Erdnase One-Hand Shift
    • The Charlier Pass
  • Packet Exchange Passes
    • The Zingone Table Pass
  • Fingertip Passes
  • Don’t Pass Me By (Novel Passes)
    • Marlo/Hollingworth/James (MHJ) Swivel Pass
  • Effects and Routines
    • My Ambitious Card Routine
    • Bored With Triumph (A Marlo Variant)
    • The Chang Change
    • Mini Collectors
    • Siamese Shuffle
    • Stand-up Transposition
    • Just Passing Through
    • Half-Passed Malini
    • Everywhere and Everywhere (Etude for Spread Pass)
    • In Passing (The Most Important Pass Secrets)
  • Index
  • Bibliography – Videography