Interactive (BASIC) by Danny Orleans & Mike O’Donnell




INTERACTIVE is a brand new “point-to-the screen” experience for your audience. Created by Danny Orleans and Mike O’Donnell and used in their zoom and live shows, this prediction routine gets 100% audience participation.

You show a screen filled with a montage of over 50 colorful objects such as magic hats, playing cards or pool balls.  The spectators point to any object. Free choice. They move their finger three times and then all the objects on the screen disappear—except the one they are pointing to! Engaging, customizable and repeatable, INTERACTIVE is easy to perform on Zoom or in-person.


Five narrated videos with sound effects and music. These one-minute, animated videos are complete and ready to perform online or in-person.  Or, you can use them on social media, websites or email blasts. The five themes are:

  • Balloons with a birthday wish
  • Magic hats
  • Pool balls
  • Playing cards
  • Cars

The download includes four versions of each theme so you can customize for your performance setting:

  • Pre-recorded with narration, sound effects and music
  • Pre-recorded with sound effects and music. Add your own voice-over.
  • Pre-recorded with sound effects. Add your own voice-over and music.
  • Click for action. This short form of the animation lets you narrate and perform live, clicking to play the surprising revelation.

Included in the download:

  • PDFs of scripts so you can easily add your own voice-over
  • Introductory video
  • Explainer videos on how to add your voice over.
  • 5 Video animations with versions.