Jacob Tanner was an orphan child from Italy who reportedly saw ghosts. To settle his mind, his carers gave him a small puzzle in the hope it would distract him from the supposed apparitions. But this did not work. So, he was given a bell and told that whenever he saw one of the spirits, he should ring the bell and they would come running. So he did. Again and again, and again. He would start talking in tongue, shouting out random numbers and explaining disturbing murders that later became true.
The only thing that he had to comfort him was a doll… a doll his birth parents left him before they died.
This is his story…
To celebrate 5 years of Taboos, this year I am taking everything we have touched on in previous courses, putting it all together into a fully immersive stage show that I have been creating for the past few years! Using some brand new creations mixed with a movie worthy story and mixing it all with the jumpy and unsettled persona I am well known for, this is a show that will not only freak an audience out but will also confuse and baffle them. A mixture of strong mentalism, thrilling story, some ready marketed effects and some new material, this is a show they will NEVER forget!
As well as performing my entire bizarre stage show, ill also be teaching some brand new pieces including:
INTO THE TAROT: An effect I’ve been working on for about a year which sees the spectator select three random tarot cards, have a short reading, choose which card appeals the most to them and then be hit with a surprise ending that will freak them out! If you haven’t ever done Tarot readings before, this is perfect for you! Learn the meanings of just a few cards and provide an accurate reading with an unreliable ending. This also helps set up the end of the show!
BANE: My light hearted performance piece which can fit into a scary show or a family show! With the premise of a locked room murder, you allow 4 people to die on stage and manage to reveal although a spectator did the murdering, you were pulling all the strings! This is KILLER! IT provides a well earned break from the scariness and allows the audience to relax a little before amping things back up again!
THE ARTEFACT: An effect I created specifically for my stage shows and a crucial part of the middle and ending. This ties the entire show together and builds on the storyline. Not to mention, it involves creepy dolls and who doesn’t love a creepy doll, right? … Just me then!
TOY CAR HAUNTING: Taking an item I created in Taboos 4, I have repurposed it and turned it into a horror film worthy interaction. A toy card that is sitting on the floor of the stage shoots past as if being pushed by some playful spectre when in reality, it is all triggered by you! Other items can be used including small balls, books and other items!
ETCH A SPIRIT: A quirky idea perfect for a themed show. A way to not only create Etch-a-Sketch Spirit Slates but also an Etch-a-Sketch thumb writable board! This is so clever and easy to make, you will LOVE it!
THE HAUNTED DOLL: I’ll be teaching you a way to make an animatronic haunted doll without any electronics knowledge needed! Not only can you control its head turning, but you can make it cry on demand from across the room. All using items you can find at your local toy shop!
Of course, you’ll see how I routine the show, I’ll discuss the story and how it works, the twists at the end of the show and answer any and all questions!