Janken by Fraser Parker and Ross Bartels (eBook)





Janken is a treatise on the rock, paper, scissors premise from the creative minds of Ross Bartels and Fraser Parker.
In this collaboration you will learn the secrets behind always, winning, losing or drawing in three consecutive rounds of the game rock, paper, scissors.You will actually play each of these rounds of rock, paper, scissors with your spectator, in real time, and yet, always be in control of the outcome of each throw!

The best part is you will be able to do this entirely prop-less and without any long, drawn out or out of place process or difficult to follow instructions. Many variants and different options are taught within this very special release, including a version where the spectator is tricked into trusting their own intuition in order to be able to predict the outcome of the game, ensuring they win each of the rounds!And yes, they have proof of this from the start in the form of a prediction they wrote and kept entirely to themselves – no peeks.

Fraser also includes his streamline version of the effect that takes literally seconds to set-up. He says: “once again method and effect have been utilized in such a way that they become almost indistinguishable from one another”. Janken has even fooled magicians and some of his close friends.
Again, there is no out of place procedure and everything makes sense from a theatrical point of view and although this is prop-less in nature, each of these methods is mechanical and practically, self-working.There’s no hard to follow logic for either you or the spectator.

You get the spectator to create a gambit or series of moves in their mind they are going to throw during the game, to ensure they can’t be influenced in any way. You then play one practice round, followed by three consecutive throws. Yet, you are always able to win, lose or draw each round depending on the outcome you desire!
You can even look away and close your eyes as you play each round.It really is that simple!
NO language restrictions – it will work in any language.NO peeks or need for anything to be written down (unless the spectator wants to do so, as a memory aide).

NO need for props such as business cards with the shapes written on (unless you wish to utilize these as a memory aide for your spectator).Can be performed as mind reading, as a prediction or both.Bonus effect includes a two person version where the performer plays two spectators at the same time!