Jinxed 2 by Peter Turner




About Jinxed 2

Half a decade later, Peter Turner has finally picked up where he left off on his original Jinxed DVD set. Pete says: “I had so much to say and share, but sadly not enough time, not enough knowledge and I was lacking the ability to translate what I had buzzing around inside my head.”

The project is limited edition and similar to the original. However, this time there are only 200 ever going to be made available worldwide! A number of which were snapped up before finishing this description!
“I’ve finally cracked it! I feel this is the perfect blend of mechanical and psychological methods and the outcome will blow your minds. I bet I fool you with methods you already know!” says Pete.


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There are a series of brand new effects, essays, insights and principles to get your teeth into. There are videos where Pete gives you a behind the scenes look into filming Jinxed 2. Additional BONUS material also included!

No fancy hype, no fancy trailers or reaction shots….. Trust us when we say: “If you loved Devil In Disguise 2, Escalators and/or the Bigger Fish Files, you’re in for a serious treat!”

“ Pre-quivoque ”

Take on equivoque, the participant chooses the perspective (so no ambiguity on left or right) whatever they choose is what is used in this experiment and completely solves the whole ambiguous nature of equivocal choreography.

– 3 routines shared under this subject heading. One using playing cards (to teach the subject). One is a living and dead test and the third a psychometry routine.

“ Essay ”

In this essay I share two simple effects that prove the philosophy of the essay –

The first is an impossible location routine.


And much more…