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Each tape holds a secret… How deep does the rabbit hole go? Join Chris Mayhew and his friends Dennis H. Kim, and Ian Frisch (Author of Magic is Dead!) in their Lost Art Magic debut!!

There’s so much fun jam packed into this one project it will feel like you are there hanging and jamming with them!

Learn 3 great card transpositions of varying skill levels. Each routine with its own unique visuals to give the viewer a wide variety of magic to play with!

– You’ll learn an off balance Transpo causing two cards to swap places with a single selection.

– Have a spectator’s selection change colour in the pack they have been holding the whole time. Only to transpose with the performer’s randomly thought of card. What a kicker!

– Learn the most straight forward two card transposition in the spectators hands, so clean you will swear it had to use duplicates.

All of these routines are stitched together with a fun spooky narrative to really bring the project together and make it a thoroughly entertaining watch the entire way through. This isn’t your typical magic instructional. Get ready!!

Just please be kind and rewind The Transpo Tapes!