Luke Jermay – Jermay Presents – SHAY KAHN – A live virtual event




A special live virtual event, November 20th, 8pm U.K time.

Over the years Jermay has developed friendships with some of the most interesting and impressive mentalists and mystery entertainers on earth. Now is the time for you to meet them!

“In this series of special events I want to introduce you to some amazing friends from around the world. They are fantastic performers, creators and thinkers. You may not have heard their names before, you may not have seen them perform but trust me you do not want to miss these exclusive events. These extraordinary performers and creators offer fresh perspectives, excellent material and methods and the kind of mentalism that I love to watch!” – Luke Jermay

In the first of this new series of special virtual live events Jermay will introduce you to the work of the exceptional mystery entertainer from Pakistan, Shay Kahn.  This is the first and only time Shay has agreed to share his material with the community and it will not disappoint.

Kahn has made an impressive impact in his home country with performances on television, theatres and in high profile corporate collaborations and sponsorships.  He walks the walk.  This is not pipe dream mentalism.  This is real world material designed and proven, time and time again, to amaze and entertain modern audiences.

Most of all, Shay Kahn offers an infectious and unbridled enthusiasm for all things mentalism.  His performances are full of mystery and energy and his methods are fun, direct and practical.  I am confident that you will come away with material that you will be excited to put to work in your performances.  Shay will join Jermay in conversation about his material, methods, performance approach and more in an exclusive 3 hour online live event.

Here is a few of the things Shay will teach at this exclusive virtual live event:

‘Invisible Order’ his original method to bring any borrowed, shuffled deck into stack right in front of an audience.

‘I Kahn Find You’ a devious and deceptive method to locate any number of pre-showed audiences members easily and without fail from the stage.

‘Kards Of Preshow’ a very clean approach to pre-show allowing you to impossibly reveal information on folded pieces of card inside your spectators pocket, with no electronics or peeks!

‘Maven Would Be Proud’ an ultra clean approach to Max Maven’s ‘Desire’ routine in which the performer never touches the drawings, after they have been shuffled and placed onto the table.

‘Nice To Meet You’ a commercial and powerful routine; the performer locates a thought of audience member by zeroing in on their thoughts, piece by piece. The killer kicker: the performer is able to prove that he not only knows their thoughts but even choices they’ve made before they left their house!

‘Out Of Karachi’ Kahn’s ultra clean and meaningful version of out of this world which switches the focus from playing cards to instead deal with emotions. Perfect for weddings or team building.

You will also learn several other routines, ideas, techniques and methods that we are keeping a surprise for the event itself!

The event will be available to download after it has finished exclusively to those who bought a ticket in advance or attended live.  The lecture will not be made available for purchase after the event has finished.  The only way to access this exclusive lecture is to buy a ticket in advance!


How do I watch the lecture?

The lecture will take place inside the Zoom platform.  Access links will be sent in advance directly to your inbox, closer to the event itself taking place.  Once you have purchased your ticket here, there is nothing more you need to do to confirm your ticket. Just join the Zoom link on the day and enjoy!  This is a uniquely connected platform that allows for us to connect, interact and enjoy the lecture together in real time.  We ask that you aim to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start to assist us in things running smoothly for everyone.

I can not attend live, can I watch after the event has finished?

Yes!  If you can not attend the live event, providing you purchase a ticket in advance, you will be able to download the event after it has finished and watch in this way.  The advantage to attending live is the ability to communicate, connect and ask questions but the download will allow you to watch and learn in the same way as you would when watching a recorded ‘as live’ lecture.

How will the download be available?

The download will be made available within 24 hours of the lecture finishing.  It will be added directly into your account to download.  An email notification will be sent to your inbox as soon as it is ready for download.  The download will not be offered for sale after the lecture has finished.  The only way to access the lecture is to buy a ticket in advance.  Downloads are only made available to those who register in advance.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes!  One of the great things about the mystery entertainment community adopted virtual platforms is how interactive and connected they allow participants to be.  Within the event there will be ample opportunity to ask questions to both Khan and Jermay and receive personalised instruction on the material, concepts and methods shared.

Is the material hard to perform?

Nothing shared is ‘hard’ to perform.  However, the focus here is not for the beginner.  Our focus with this event is to share professional level performance material, directly from a professional performers real world shows.

Can I bring my non magician/mentalist friends?

No.  This is not a virtual performance and therefore is not suitable for anyone other than magicians and mentalists.  Methods, secrets and mysterious knowledge will be shared.  It is intended only for the initiated.