Magic for BLM by Nathan Colwell




Magic for BLM: A Pay-What-You-Can Collection of Magic to Raise Funds for BLM, NAACP, and NLG

The What

This book is a collection of theatrical magic routines, moves, and essays. There are thirty-nine entries from thirty-five magicians across five countries. Each entry was chosen by its author and contributed to this collection. The book is 282 pages with 110 photos, illustrations, and tables.

In the book there’s magic with cards, coins, candy, and measuring tape. The scale and venue of the magic spans from close-up and parlor, to restaurant and digital performances. The difficulty is just as broad. There’s magic that’s completely self-working, semi-automatic tricks, and technically demanding routines. The magic uses normal objects, standard magician’s props, and unusual custom-made gaffs. Some of the routines/moves/essays are previously unpublished or were written specifically for this project, some are excerpts from their author’s critically acclaimed books, and others are reprinted gems from old magazines. There are card tricks that can be done with a borrowed shuffled deck, routines using custom stacks, and, also, magic with a memorized deck. The material in this book spans out into all kinds of niches in magic. If you do magic or enjoy reading magic books, it is certain there is something in here you will enjoy.