Making Tricks into Magic : An Online Workshop by Nate Staniforth

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A collection of tools and tactics to help make your magic stronger, from the creator of ‘The Lottery Ticket’ and author of ‘Here is Real Magic’ and ‘Clouds and Kingdoms.’

In October of 2019 I gave a one-off workshop in the UK about maximizing the power and impact of a magic routine.

I wanted to talk about why it’s so easy to deceive an audience but so hard to enchant them. Magicians use words like ‘wonder’ and ‘awe’ all the time, but how do you actually put it in the work?

‘Making Tricks Into Magic’ is an enhanced and updated exploration of the same questions. You’ll learn two of my favorite creations—a close-up workhorse and the closer to my stage show. But mostly it’s a collection of tactics and techniques to amplify the power of any piece of magic—to make it stronger and more effective, and, I hope, a little more magical.

“…a literal game changer.” – Daniel Chard