My Friend George by Kevin Bethea (Instant Download)




“If the devil is in the details this is satanic.” – Eric Jones

“My friend George is my go to bill change. It’s smooth, it’s magic and pure poetry in motion! Learn it.” – Michael Kaminskas

“Superb handling and I love the poem. You’ve added a lot of finesse that make this version so worthwhile, learning and performing.” – Marc DeSouza

“MY FRIEND GEORGE is simply brilliant. The effect is clear, the method efficient, the teaching concise and easy to understand. Nothing is held back. The bonus here is that Kevin shares the whys and wherefores of his approach. A rare peek inside the mind of a full time pro and his very smart decisions. Very highly recommended.” – Darryl V Harris

“I have seen many versions of the bill switch and Kevin’s is by far the best I have seen, Ever. I am completely fooled by the change and after watching it numerous times I still have no idea.” – Dan Fleshman

“I have know Kevin for years. He is Full-Time Pro and a student of magic. He will constantly go back to re-examine the “Classics in Magic”. MY FRIEND GEORGE is his handling of the decades old classic $100 Bill Change and has elevated it to a performance piece. It is not often when a working Pro gives up a piece of his working material. Kevin does just that. He doesn’t hold back and gives you the details and his thought processes that you will need to add this routine to your performing repertoire.” – Eric Dockery

“WOW…..WTF….that is just drop the wand AWESOME !!!!! I want to be able to do that…..if I was going to do one trick….that would be it!!!!!” – Mark Saenger

The $100 Bill Switch is a standard for restaurant and close up workers all over the world. To be able to fold up a one-dollar bill, and with no cover unfold it into a $100 bill is to be able to gain instant attention from almost any audience. Kevin Bethea’s handling of this beautiful mystery is a sight to behold, and now he’s sharing his unique handling, My Friend George, with the magic community for the first time. This is a no thumb tip bill switch that happens right at the fingertips. This is My Friend George.

Kevin’s unique approach to the $100 Bill Switch is sure to teach you something new even if you already know the basic secret. Kevin uses no thumb tip, and has developed some special moves that allow you to show both hands empty and both sides of the bill. This handling is squeaky clean. With a tutorial clocking in at just over 30 minutes in length, Kevin goes into expert detail including step by step performer’s view of the switch so you can follow along at home. Plus, Kevin teaches a variety of ways to both clean up, and set up for the bill change so your hands can be shown empty before, during, and after the effect. My Friend George is a masterclass in bill switches.

As a bonus, Kevin also includes his presentation. The My Friend George poem that Kevin uses eliminates the need to borrow a bill and justifies transforming a $100 back into a $1 while still getting you all of the applause. You will learn sleights, psychology, and presentation along with one of the cleanest no thumb tip handlings available to magicians today. Discover the magic of Kevin Bethea and My Friend George.