My Perspective by Kris Kon (Download)




Kris is a guy with great knowledge. In this 40 page theoretical booklet he shares his tips and tricks on how to become not only a better magician, but a better and more versatile performer. If you are just starting out, you surely will find lots of golden advice to immediately put into your act, and if you are an experienced magician or performer, you definitely will get new and exciting ideas on how to add a fresh approach to your entertainment. Kris covers the essentials: from the first moment you step on stage until the end when you receive your final applause! He also explains some “classics of magic” with his own modifications.

“You should absolutely a take a look at Kris Kon’s perspective. It is a fantastic read. You will learn about the creative process and all the important things true performers seek to learn. Excuse me while I go take another look!”
– Jon Allen, magician, UK.

“I’m sure that for Kris, this is only the beginning of a prolific life not only as a magician but especially as an author!”
– Luca Volpe, mentalist, Italy