Nick Popa LIVE (Penguin LIVE)




“I’ve got some real competition coming up probably in a short amount of time because he’s going to be great!” -Criss Angel

“Nick is crazy awesome!! He always catches me off guard with his out of the box thinking and creativity! Great stuff always!” -Chris Hanowell

“Nick Popa is a creative force in magic whose name you better get use to hearing” -Ryan Schlutz

What will he teach?

DeBoxed- This is an easy DIY gimmick that allows you to make the box vanish from around the deck of cards at the start of any card trick.

Synesthesia- An out of this world effect done with any shuffled deck, anytime, and can even be done blindfolded.

The Great Escape- You introduce a casino deck of cards and explain that every card has a hole in it. Have a card selected and lost back into the deck. You then lace a ribbon through the cards. The spectator can then grab the ribbon and when they pull the ribbon, their card pops out of the middle of the deck, free from the ribbon. Everything then then be handed out for examination.

Band-It- A DIY gimmick that allows you to have a card signed and lost in the deck. The deck is then wrapped with a rubber band. You turn the deck over and show the bottom card is not theirs, but with a wave, the card changes to the signed selection underneath the rubber band.

Bandemonium- A rubber band slowly melts threw my fingers, and then visually vanishing from around my fist and appears on the spectators shoulder.

EarRing- A modern take on the ring flight effect where the ring appears threaded onto your headphones.

Noted- You give your iPhone to someone and have them write any word in your notes app and without touching or looking at the phone, you are able to tell them what their word is.

Static- You take out yours and your spectator’s favorite cards. You rub the two cards together, seemingly generating static electricity, and the two cards impossibly stick to each other. The best part is that it’s completely impromptu!

Who is he?

Nick Popa, born and raised in Canton, Ohio, has been creating and releasing original magic since he was just 12 years old. He is known for his visual, organic close-up effects using everyday objects such as rubber bands, money, markers and more. He currently lives in Columbus, OH where he works for Penguin Magic.