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Physical Emotions by Nico Heinrich

Most of all mentalism is about the skills of the performer. It is about HIM being able to read thoughts, predict the future or bend metal with his mind. PHYSICAL EMOTIONS on the other hand is about THEM. It is about THEIR emotions, THEIR sensations, THEIR experience.

Imagine transferring emotions into billets and having them experience their own feelings in a very different, oddly physical way. Demonstrate how they can influence the participant’s perception and body movements. Yes, their arms will automatically move accordingly to certain emotions – and they won’t know how. Finally, test their intuition and leave them with a powerful gift.

You will need nothing but two billets and the secret techniques explained in this book. It is completely impromptu, pure in its method (using some classic methods, beautifully combined with real suggestion) and works with 100% accuracy, anytime, anywhere.

Nico has refined this routine for over eight years now and still uses it on a regular basis. He will share all the small details and subtleties that make this thing so great. There are few effects out there, that are as emotionally affecting as this one. Your participants will unevitably smile at the end of it – sometimes they will even cry for joy. They will be astounded as well (as with most mentalism effects) – but primarily they will feel amazing. With that in mind, remember how the American poet Maya Angelou phrased it:

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

If you like emotionally touching and puristic mentalism, you should definitely check this out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT the same as the effect from PURE MENTALISM. This is actually the original and this is the first ever English release of this routine!

The Psychic Pickpocket by Nico Heinrich

Stories with predictable endings are pretty boring, right?

Now, most mind reading effects are just like that. They think of something and the performer reveals it. The audience expects him to succeed as he calls himself a mind reader – so, there are no real surprises in the performance. You might argue that the audience can’t be 100% sure if the experiment would work or not – true, but the finale still isn’t surprising.

The Psychic Pickpocket offers a great solution. You will learn how to make ANY mind reading (that being a book test, peek, CT, progressive anagram etc.) more interesting and surprising. Additionally, this is the perfect framework for you to practice actual reading techniques without fear.

Note: This doesn’t involve actual pickpocketing, we only use it as a metaphor.