Paper Prophecies by David Parr (Instant Download)




In my ebook Paper Prophecies, I teach three prediction effects I’ve been having fun with, and I think other magi will get a kick out of them, too. Here’s one of the reasons why: the pages in the back of the book are designed so you can print out and make the props to perform the effects!

These effects are:

Thaumatrope: A fascinating toy from the 19th century visibly transforms to reveal the face of a selected card.

7 Sins: A guest is offered a chance to indulge in one of the seven deadly sins, and it turns out that this opportunity may have been predestined.

Fortune8: A familiar fortunetelling method — a device known as a “cootie catcher” — provides a surprising glimpse into someone’s future.

The ebook is in PDF format, viewable on any platform.

Your magical future can be found in Paper Prophecies!

“This publication is a total delight. The design is elegant. The methods are clever. The presentations are funny, charming, and even thoughtful. To any magician, I would exclaim: You want class? Witness this creation.” — Robert Neale

“Paper Prophecies is an incredible bargain. I enjoyed making the props and have had great fun performing the effects. My favorite is Fortune8. The necessary force is undetectable, and it’s wonderful to be able to give the fortunetelling device to the volunteer at the end. I hope this is the start of a series.” — Richard Webster

“The material in Paper Prophecies is charming, memorable, and fun to do. The plots and props will intrigue your audience. If you decide to let your audience keep the props, they will have a token of their experience that they will cherish for a long time to come.” — Arthur Trace, MAGIC Magazine