Passcode by Adrian Lacroix (Instant Download)




Imagine this: The spectator is able to unlock your phone…
And then you unlock theirs too, with no apps required!!!

Adrian Lacroix found a way to perform this modern classic of mentalism at distance and with NO APPS!!!

You tell the audience that you are going to change your passcode for a number that will make sense with one of them, then you ask a spectator to think of some important numbers for him, he says those numbers out loud and you show them that those numbers are the ones that unlock your phone!
But thats not all, then you ask him to take his phone out and you guess their passcode too!!!

With Passcode you are going to be able to perform this routine in person with social distance or even over a video call!
You never touch the spectator phone and they never touch yours.
There are NO APPS involved on the routine.

NOTE: the magician will need to have an iPhone (does not matter the model) to be able to perform this routine.