Passport to Alphas by DMC ( PDF )


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A 40 page pocket sized handbook to performing deeply personal, innovative magic with the new DMC ALPHAS marked alphabet deck, the Passport to ALPHAS contains 9 astounding pieces of close-up and parlour magic, walking readers throught he unique features of the ALPHAS deck and introducing concepts that will unlock limitless new effects and presentations. The book is written by Phill Smith, designer of the DMC ELITES and ALPHAS deck, with additional material from DMC himself, including Hands Off, DMCs own showstopping performance piece with the ALPHAS.

Each of the effects in the book is consisely explained and detailed effect and method – we’ve attempted to make the material as strong and as accessible as possible and the material requires very little background knowledge or previous experience with card magic or marked cards. You’ll learn to use the deck to convincingly and compellingly pluck thoughts from your audience’s minds, predict their actions, control their motions and even win a few drinks along the way.

The Passport to ALPHAS is an essential guide to this new tool and contains a range of powerful, pro-tier tricks with the ALPHAS that you will learn fast and love performing.