Paul Gutteridge – DeepTune Behavior Analysis System




Whether at work, home or play being able to effectively read, assess and ethically influence behaviour can make the difference between success and failure.

This course is designed to get straight to the point, building from peer-level research and using skills from people who need to build trust quickly, for people who want to tune into others – this is the Deep Tune System.

Ultimately, we want to be seen, heard and understood. Those of us who make this happen when interacting with others are often more successful in relationships and promoted in the workplace.

Whether you are seeking to improve in sales, negotiations, therapy or connect with your audience in performance the Deep Tune System will enable you to do that!

Forget tacky and sleazy techniques – you will learn how to connect with others in record time through your personality to read, assess and ethically influence behaviour.

This course is a mix of short videos, take-away tasks, resource material and live video training by Paul Gutteridge split over 6 modules.


The course covers:

Life in High Definition

How to get in the right frame of mind and turn up your senses to see and hear what is in front of you.

Baseline Behaviour

How to quickly get a read of what someone looks, sounds and behaves like so you can spot areas of emotional sensitivity in real-time.

Body Language Signals to Really Look For

What the science tells us about what to really look for and how to interpret what that means so we can respond effectively to connect deeply – Deep Tune.

Mind Your Language

What to look for in spoken and written language to give insights on what people may be really thinking and feeling – what is sensitive – so we can check for commitment and motivation.

Networking, Socialising and Reading the Room

What to look for and how to use verbal and non-verbal behaviour to enter and exit conversations  – whatever your personality type.

Putting It All Together

How to combine the skills with your personality in such a way that you gain increased confidence in getting the best out of yourself and others.


what if you could uncover hidden agendas by being able to sense “sensitivity areas” in the other person?
what if you could defuse an argument way before it happens because you sense what topics are a no-no at the current moment with your wife, partner, colleague?
what if – in case you are a performer – you could really do what you always claimed you were able to do?
what if you could establish quickly a deep, profound relationship with anyone, a relationship NOT based on selfish manipulation, but mutual respect?
As I wrote in my previous email, the early days of next year we will present Powa Academy new course – and this time we teamed up with somebody that has never performed and does not even know what a double lift is.
Paul, this is his name, was trained alongside British and American 3 letter agencies and middle East trainer.
Paul currently works as a negotiator and facilitator for extreme parties in the UK political landscape.
Paul coaches and trains professionals from the most important banks and institutions in the City.
Paul trained the Danish Custom officers.
Paul is not pretending some pseudo-science to entertain
Paul works in the trenches
I got together with him and I added my Human (log)OS framework as the base for his skills, and we developed DeepTune™ , the core of his method.
In relationships – The DeepTune system will teach you how to connect with an emotional person in such a way that they feel seen, heard and understood so that the relationship does not break down and you can work out the next steps
In negotiations – The DeepTune system will show you how to read, assess and influence the other person by focusing your attention in the moment and to pick up where the other person is showing signs of discomfort that you need to acknowledge and address in order to settle the negotiation
In teamwork – The DeepTune system will show you how to use simple questions to test whether your team is motivated and committed to the vision, giving you the opportunity to fine-tune your approach to get the best outcomes.
In work – The DeepTune system will show you how to navigate internal politics and sensitive relationships by using simple questions to understand what people need and what they value. When people know they are seen, heard and understood you are trusted and advance quickly.
Coaching – The DeepTune system combines with established coaching protocols to give greater insights and move people from A to B very quickly.
The DeepTune system takes you beyond complicated and tacky techniques and puts you in a position of trust in record time. From a position of trust, change happens very quickly.
Module 1: Life in High Definition
Slowing down to speed up.
Turning up your senses.
Let the silence do the heavy lifting.
Watch yourself.
Module 2: Baseline behaviour
The two questions that you can use anywhere to read anyone.
Are they forward or backwards?
Interpreting what you read.
Module 3: Body language signals to really look for
Head, shoulders, hands and feet.
RSVP: Rhythm, speed, volume and pitch.
Module 4: Mind your language
Dirty dozen checklist: vital clues to spot when people are withholding information or finding things a little sensitive…dare you probe?
Managing emotional or logical responses.
What law enforcement look for in what you write to get deeper
insights…emails will never look the same again.
Module 5: Networking, socialising and reading a room
Entering and exiting.
Flicking on the ‘like’ switch.
Seating positions and using angles to your benefit.
Module 6: Putting it all together
Making the cake.
Building your confidence.
Where to practice
Two facial expressions you really want to pay attention to!
Hot drinks and good moods.
Blink and you will miss it.